• Fundamentals of Starting a Business

    Fundamentals of Starting a Business offers a wealth of information and resources entrepreneurs should know before venturing into business.

    This seminar will cover: step-by-step instructions and details on building the foundation; how to apply for licenses and permits; how to market your business using trending tools, platforms, and resources; pros and cons of legal entities; establishing business credit; the 5 C's of financing a business; pricing products; market research, competitive comparison, and business banking.

  • Train the Trainer: Learn How to Become an Effective Trainer

    Facilitation is a core skill for any training and development, organizational development, or consulting professional. This dynamic two-day interactive skills workshop will provide participants with tools, resources, and strategies to create live classroom facilitation and effective delivery. This is an opportunity for consultants, teachers, and speakers to sharpen presentation skills, understand what makes a good presenter great, and build your training and development business.

    This workshop is highly experiential with plenty of skill sharing, hands on training, and on the spot feedback.

  • Turn Your Resume Into a Thriving Consulting Business

    Turn Your Skillsets into a Thriving Consulting Business course is designed to teach individuals in transition to self-employment how to become a successful Subject Matter Consultant.

    Participants will learn: how to price services, competitive differentiation, and client analysis is just a tip of what's to learn. Practical exercises will provide a model for participants to use in developing their own business. Additionally, this course will enhance the participant's knowledge and analytical skills. This course will be delivered in three phases: 1) strategic planning, 2) marketing, and 3) business modeling.

  • Financing Your Business with Other People's Money

    Financing Your Business with Other People's Money seminar will provide business owners, Chief Financial Officers (CFO), accountants, and other financial decision makers with valuable insights on how to raise capital from conventional, alternative, and private lenders.

    You will learn: the basics of business financing; what lenders look for in a proposal; how to determine the best deal; and current loan programs available to startups. Additionally, participants will learn what it takes to become bankable; how much to ask for; common uses for various loans; and how to package a loan. Finally, how to determine which lender is a good fit for your business.

  • Reinventing the Wheel-Out with the Old & In with the New

    Out with the old-in with the new, rebuild your business with a new direction, new model, and new strategies. This dynamic seminar will engage attendees with strategies and resources for building a stronger and better business.

    Attendees will learn: how to maximize resources like networking, customers, and competitors; identify and capitalize on key performing assets; create a business strategy based needs and trends of the market; and how to conduct an organizational analysis to increase income.

  • Business Plan Writing 101

    This highly interactive workshop is designed to aid business owner's (startup & existing) in developing a viable plan to get a business started, growing, and continuing to grow in the right direction. Attendees will engage in step-by-step exercises, covering all sections of a business plan necessary to secure financing. This practice will foster thought processes required to create a plan, constructively define goals, and execute objectives.

  • Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

    Marketing Made Easy on a Small Budget is the ultimate workshop filed with content, resources, and tools to help today's business owner:

    Use multiple cost effective marketing segments to brand their business and reach desired target groups; be more creative in finding not just a customer, but the right customer; capitalize on KPI's with long-term ROI benefits; market on a budget; attract new customers with effective messaging, branding, and planning; create product value; and integrate traditional marketing with social media marketing.

  • Business Model Makeover: Business Modeling and Planning

    Business Modeling and Planning for Business Owners is a hands on, interactive and engaging 3 hour workshop developed to help business owners define and improve their business model and to compete in today's environment using a Business Model Canvas.

    What is a Business Model Canvas? A business model canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models. Think of it this way-it provides a simplistic approach, in 1 overview you can draft the whole business idea.

    You'll walk away with:
    Business planning strategies that will help you compete in the market; a robust business model in alignment with your vision and mission statement; three- year plan and clear picture of how the business should move forward; fresh ideas to build a brand; defined mission statement; a new mindset on marketing and planning and so much more!