• Business Analysis

    Our business development team utilizes the latest resources, systems and business modeling tools to audit the health of your company's products, people, processes and systems with an objective to identify its strengths and weaknesses and improve your business model.

  • Contract Readiness

    Our Certification Specialists takes a hand on approach when providing a full suite of procurement/supplier diversity services, assisting clients with government and private certification submissions, bid opportunities and supplier registrations.

  • Capital Readiness

    We are the catalyst between borrowers and lending institutions. Our focus is bridging the gap and assisting minority owned businesses gain access to capital designated for businesses operating in Low to Moderate Income (LMI) areas seeking working capital, contract fulfillment, acquisitions, and funds to start a business.

  • Expert Advice

    We have a dynamic team of industry leaders and subject matter experts, eager to assist entrepreneurs, CEO's, and managers seeking leadership and management development support to handle real issues in today's climate.

  • Flexible Payment Plans

    WBC believes in equal opportunity, opportunities which level the playing field allowing grassroot businesses to participate in supplier diversity programs and compete with seasoned organizations.

  • Statement of Capabilities

    Capability statement is a marketing tool widely used to demonstrate the business' core strengths, measurable performance, and credentials when submitting proposals to contracting agencies.

  • Sub Outreach

    Partner primary contractor with a certified sub-contractor in accordance with 49 CFR Part 26, as part of their compliance with subcontracting certification status requirements.


Connie Sparks is an inspiration and breath of fresh air to the business community. She has an excellent head for business. Also, I believe Connie has a very practical approach to helping businesses get clear about and accomplish their objectives. Furthermore, she is clear and concise regarding her communication, easy to work with and she truly has her clients best interest in mind.-Sidney, President, Success Tracks