• Business Business Modeling and Planning for Business Owners

    Business Modeling and Planning for Business Owners is a hands on, interactive and engaging 3 hour workshop developed to help business owners define and improve their business model and to compete in today's environment using a Business Model Canvas.

    What is a Business Model Canvas? A business model canvas is a strategic management and lean startup template for developing new or documenting existing business models. Think of it this way-it provides a simplistic approach, in 1 overview you can draft the whole business idea.
    You'll walk away with:
    Business planning strategies that will help you compete in the market; A robust business model in alignment with your vision and mission statement; Three- year plan and clear picture of how the business should move forward; Fresh ideas to build a brand; Defined mission statement; A new mindset on marketing and planning and so much more!

  • Train the Trainer: Learn How to Become an Effective Trainer

    Facilitation is a core skill for any training and development, organizational development, or consulting professional. This dynamic two-day interactive skills workshop will provide participants with tools, resources, and strategies to create live classroom facilitation and effective delivery. This is an opportunity for consultants, teachers, and speakers to sharpen presentation skills, understand what makes a good presenter great, and build your training and development business.

    The workshop is highly experiential with plenty of skill sharing, hands on training, and on the spot feedback.

  • Turn Lemons into Lemonade with a SWOT Analysis

    The presentation begins with the basics of what a SWOT can do for the company and why it's important, concluding the workshop attendees will have developed a scope of work and clear strategies to improve business performance.

    Attendees will be fully engaged with: to identify strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities; Learn how to build on internal and external resources to increase position in the market; How to assess the need for change and how best to address these changes accordingly; How to identify key performing indicators (KPI); Turn weaknesses within the company to strengths; Assess risk factors and how to mitigate them.